Be-Spoke Season Three

Film by Canyon James Audio Production by Chris Bailey © Woven Spaces 2024

The third series examines the fascinating intersection of architecture, urban planning, and design. Tracing threads of craftsmanship and connection, it reveals the brilliance behind smart material choices and uncovers the narratives that shape exceptional spaces.

“Vision is fixed and not fixed. It’s striving for excellence, always being inquisitive, always wanting to push things further. What’s the best we’ve done before? What are other people doing? How else can we do it? It’s shared ambition with unknown outcomes.”

Tim Gledstone, Partner, Squire & Partners

Episode One

Reviving an Architectural Icon

Tyler Goodwin, CEO and Founder, Seaforth Land & Tim Gledstone, Partner, Squire & Partners

Episode Two

Retrofitting Nature into the City

Deborah Saunt, Co-Founder, DSDHA Studio & David Lockyer, Head of Development, British Land

Episode Three

Creating a Destination

Nicola Zech-Behrens, Project Director, Ballymore & Chris Dyson, Principal Partner, Chris Dyson Architects