“The unique object or experience has always had a powerful appeal, but the process of bespoke commissioning remains shrouded in mystery.

That’s why I started Be-Spoke, a podcast inspired by the designers and makers who create something unique, and the people who commission them.”

Adriana Paice Kent, Founder, Woven Spaces

Our Host

Adriana Paice Kent is director of Woven Spaces, a commercial property company that unlocks value in existing buildings, delivering assets of character and distinction that command a premium. 

Adriana has been on both sides of the commissioning process: as an artist working with corporate clients creating permanent interactive installations in their buildings, and as a developer revitalising weathered commercial spaces. She grew up in a household of makers and collectors, which informed her belief in the creative energy that is unlocked, on both sides, in shaping bespoke projects.

About the Podcast

The Be-Spoke Podcast reveals the stories behind commissioning, be it a new home, a tailored suit or a personal perfume.

It explores why people commission certain objects and experiences, how they engage with makers, and what to expect along this rich and rewarding journey.

On the podcast, Adriana talks to designers, brokers and their clients to find out how commissioning really works and to unlock the secrets of this very special relationship.

Be-Spoke Podcast

Season One

Season Two

Season Three - Coming soon